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La Corriveau

Published 2006

'La Corriveau' retells the notorious murder and gruesome sentencing that transformed Marie Josette Corriveau from village beauty to nightmarish ghoul of quebec legend. 'La Corriveau' was created using detailed miniature sets and hand sculpted marionettes. The character's movements were deliberately slow during shooting and accelerated or reversed in post, a technique that gives each puppet's motions an eerie fluidity. Adapted from Soo Rae Koelbi's marionette stage play, the film version of 'La Corriveau' incorporates aspects of the theatrical production's set and audio to create a macabre reality.

Note: The full and original stage version of 'La Corriveau' is also available under the title of 'La Corriveau Extended'

Run time 12 min
Producer Kyle Craig
Production Company stankhouse international
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: FLIK_Festival - - June 27, 2008
Subject: FLIK Festival Wants to Feature La Corriveau

Mr. Craig,

We really love your work and would be honored if you would be a part of our festival. I have been searching the net looking for your contact info, and have had no luck.

If by some chance you see this note, please contact me at:


Joshua Barlow
Producer, FLIK Movie Festival
Reviewer: momgoose - - April 27, 2006
Subject: Wow.
Enthralling. Creepy. It has the air of the old German expressionist silents in the sets, characters, and even how the story is told. Stylishly rustic is about how I can explain it, creepy folksy. The sets and marionettes both.

It's not fast paced, it's almost tableaus (which is odd, considering the actors are puppets), but you accept very quickly even the near static head shots of 'Corriveau' speaking. The camera movement and shots help a lot with that.

The puppets seem crudely made, but that just enhances the creepy folksy-ness. The sets match the puppets well. The handling of the puppets was remarkable for the subtleness of motion. There's no effort to 'hide the strings', they seem a part of the story, so to speak.

The voices were a little hard for me to understand, but 'Corriveau' was clear.

The story is rather sparse, and does a strange jump from Corriveau telling her tale to her final fate, but it works. That is possibly because this is the "short" version mentioned in the movie description, if it is, I'm going hunting for the long version! The scene with the mother and daughter is really freaky, the marrionettes have no legs. It also seems to serve as an irony for Corriveaus' tale.

The music was a little over-synthesized to my taste, but fit the overall production wonderfully. I loved the voice actor for Corriveau, she was great.

The story is based on an old Canadian tale, which has grown over time. It seems to be an early example of 'the burning bed' syndrome, but is presented here in its more colorful version.

A great little creepy movie, check it out!
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